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Liquid-Applied-Roofing (LAR) is a fast growing segment of the roofing industry. Available for 50 years or more, recent technology advances in the plastics and polymer industries have resulted in more commercial businesses installing Liquid-Applied-Roofing also known as Roof Coating.

At a savings of 50% to 60% off the price of traditional new commercial roof systems, LAR Roofing is gaining in popularity. Victoria Commercial Roofing provides all types of Roof Coating Systems. Elastomeric Acrylic, Silicone, Urethane, Thermoplastic. Rubber, Aluminum and Emulsion coatings are available.

We assess your roof and use modern technology to arrive at the best solution for your roofing needs. Our Aerial Roof Inspection Service provides Drone connected to Artificial Intelligence to provide a unbais roof inspection report of your commercial roof. Moisture Survey Tests and Infrared Thermography is used to determine if water intrusion has taken place and what damage might have accured under the roof membrane.

With this information, Victoria Commercial Roofing can advise you on the best options for you to consider in consideration of your roofing needs.

Victoria Commercial Roofing provides you with a comprehensive “Action Plan” for your roof.

Financing is available through local banks that we use.


Roof Coating Benefits

Victoria Commercial Roofing can apply quality Roof Coating materials such as Elastomeric Acrylic, Silicone, Thermoplastic, Rubber, Aluminum and Emulsion coatings. 

Some of the Benefits include:
  • Sealing of all roof leaks
  • Cost Savings of 50% to 60% OFF the cost of a traditional roof system
  • Seamless – No Seams or Fasteners to open up and allow water intrusion
  • No Messy Roof Tear Off – No Business Disruption – Reduces debris to landfills
  • Reflects up to 88% of Sun’s UV rays – Reduces Roof and Building Temperature
  • Saves Utility Bills as HVAC works less to COOL or HEAT the building
  • Is environmentally friendly as No VOC or other hazardous or unpleasant materials
  • Long Term Warranties available  10 Year – 15 Year or 20 Year Available
  • Peace of Mind – As you know your roof is sealed in one complete seamless membrane
  • With No Seams or Fasteners to fail and provide water intrusion events

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