New Roofs

New Commercial Roofs

There are several different commercial roof materials that are available for Victoria Commercial Roofing to use to build your roof assembly. It’s important to match the right roof system to your building while taking into consideration the structure, the environment that it’s in, and the budget.

Considering the Life Cycle Cost Analysis is beneficial in developing the correct roof for your building. By reviewing and comparing the cost over the life of the specified roof system, you can arrive at an annual cost or budget for the roofing system. Victoria Commercial Roofing has the experience and staff available to help you in planning your NEW ROOF or in helping you with your Roofing Concerns.

Some Commercial Roof Systems Available Include:

  • BUR
  • TPO
  • EDM
  • PVC
  • Single and Double Ply
  • Fiberglas
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Seamless Elastomeric Roof Coating

In addition to the actual installation of the roof, Preventative Roof Maintenance should be implemented by Victoria Commercial Roofing to monitor the roof condition over time and make any remedial repairs or strengthening of the system as it weathers under Victoria Texas hot sun.

Most commercial roofs are “out of sight” and “out of mind” until a leak forms and starts to cause expensive interior damage to your commercial facilities and the contents within.

Don’t wait for a leak to begin to plan on letting Victoria Commercial Roofing develop a comprehensive ROOF MAINTENANCE PLAN for your ROOF.

Your Roof might qualify for a FULL 100% TAX Deduction in the same year your roof project is completed. Ask your tax professional about IRS Section 179 and 179D to see how it can help your bottom line.

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